MichiganPersonal Injury Attorney Discusses Tenant Injury Law

Jun 15, 2021Tenant Law0 comments

Michigan Personal Injury Attorney Discusses Tenant Injury Law

If you are a tenant, in other words you rent from a landlord or you rent in an apartment complex, and you have been injured by a hazardous situation at your rental unit or the apartment complex, you may have a claim against the landlord. This is in respective of your lease or anything else that you have signed with a landlord, you may have a claim under the law for your injuries. Pain and suffering, and things like that.

What people don’t know is, landlords in Michigan have several safety laws which they must abide by. There could be a local city or township ordinance that covers the hazardous situation that you hurt yourself on. It could be covered under the International Maintenance Property Code. It could be covered under the Michigan Construction Code, the Michigan Residential Code a Michigan statue, or even common law, which is judge law or case law.

So if you’ve been injured at your apartment complex or rental unit, it’s important to retain a personal injury attorney in Michigan that knows how to look for these violations. Our firm regularly uses qualified experts, experienced construction experts that know the laws, know the codes, know the ordinances that cover all situations to see what time of claim you may have against the landlord. So, if you’ve been injured as a tenant and want to discuss your potential case with a Michigan personal injury lawyer, feel free to call me at 248-290-5600.

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