Attendant Care Services

Nov 4, 2018Car Accident0 comments

When a Michigan driver is injured in a motor vehicle accident, one of the benefits they may claim is called Attendant Care Services. These are nursing type servies that are required for the care and rehabilitation of the injured driver or passenger. These services include but are not limited to bathing, monitoring, giving medications, exercise, therapy, and toileting are just a few examples. This type of service is paid by the auto insurance carrier and is based on an hourly rate for the number of hours performed. Obviously, the maximum allowed in a given day is 24 hours. Attendant Care Services are not to be confused with Replacement Services, which are housekeeping chores and are paid at $20.00 a day. A family member may perform these services. When claiming these or any other benefits, make sure your doctor orders these services so the insurance company has difficulty disputing whether or not they are needed.

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