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Truck Accidents

When a large heavy truck is involved in a crash, many times the people involved are seriously injured.  According to trucking statistics, in 2019 approximately 5000 people have died in truck related crashes.  Most of these people were occupants of other vehicles.

We have handled trucking cases for a number of years.  There are a multitude of federal rules and regulations regarding the operation and maintenance of trucks.  Most trucks have on board computers which will record a variety of data prior to any crashes.  People injured in truck crashes must retain attorneys early on so that so that this data can be preserved.

John Alexander places a much higher monetary value on his client’s cases than the insurance companies do.  John Alexander understands that his injured clients have lost more than wage loss and medical expenses.  He understands the significance of his client’s enjoyment of life prior to the injury.

Getting the appropriate compensation for his clients is all about leverage.  Leverage is obtained by discovering all of the facts that support his client’s cases and to discover all of the facts that discredit the insurance company’s defenses.   Leverage is also obtained by effectively cross examining the defendant’s experts so that they can be seen for what they are, hired guns by the insurance company.