Michigan Accident Personal Injury Attorney – Car Accident Insurance Benefits

Jun 15, 2023Car Accident0 comments

Today I want to talk to you about some of the benefits that you can get under your own insurance carrier if you have suffered a motor vehicle accident in Michigan and have sustained some injuries that require some home care.

One of the benefits by Michigan law that your insurance company has to give you is called attendant care services.  What that means is in home nursing care such as washing, bathing, toileting, monitoring giving you meds. If someone has to do that for you, your insurance company has to pay that person anywhere from $11 an hour to $20 an hour.  The person providing this care could be your own family member or it could be a professional.

The key to getting this benefit is to make sure your doctor orders attendant care and in the prescription slip that he’ll write out have him put the number of hours needed, which could be anywhere from 2 hours, 4 hours, to 24 hours in serious head injury cases.  Sometimes people require 24 hour monitoring.  Again make sure your doctor orders these benefits.  Attendant care services are available to you for your life if necessary. Michigan is one of the few states that offer life time medical care from your insurance company if you need life time medical care as a result of a motor vehicle accident in Michigan.

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