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Jun 18, 2021Insurance Coverage0 comments

My name is John Alexander and I am an attorney specializing in personal injury law. I am going to talk to you today about finding more insurance coverage if you are injured in a motor vehicle accident. If you are unfortunately the victim of a motor vehicle accident and you’ve suffered injuries or serious injuries the first insurance policy that you are going to want to look to find coverage for your injuries is the driver of the motor vehicle that hit you.

There are other policies and coverage’s that may be available to you. For example, the owner of the vehicle that hit you may have a separate insurance policy, and you should look to that for coverage. Sometimes, the owner of the vehicle is not the same person as the driver of the vehicle.

Another policy that you may want to look to is called excess or umbrella or pluc policy, pluc standing for personals lines umbrella coverage. The driver of the vehicle may have an excess policy, in other words if he is driving with a $20,000 insurance policy or 50 or 100, he may have also bought a separate insurance policy called excess coverage and this may afford you additional coverage.

Another way to look for additional coverage is if the driver that struck you was driving in the course and scope of employment the employer of the driver may be responsible to you for your damages. If the driver was driving in a course and scope of employment.

Another possible avenue of coverage for you is for example if you were a victim of an accident at an intersection.  There may be a vision obstruction on one of the adjacent lands, in that situation the land owner or the possessor of that property may also be responsible to you for your injuries and damages. Another possibility of a payments money of for you if you’re injured is a road defect, there may be a pothole or something significantly wrong with the roadway that contributed to the accident. Also, even though there are two vehicles in the accident, there might have been a third car involved, such as cutting somebody off causing the accident.  This person’s insurance coverage also may afford you additional moneys for your injuries.

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