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Michigan Personal Injury Lawyer – Michigan’s Wrongful Death Act

Hello, my name is John Alexander and I’m a Michigan Personal Injury Attorney with offices in Bingham Farms. We provide personal injury legal services statewide, but primarily Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties. Today I want to talk to you about Michigan’s Wrongful Death Act.

Our forefathers when they signed the Declaration of Independence, put forth the idea that we all have a right to pursue life, liberty and happiness. And nothing best exemplifies that idea as the Michigan’s Wrongful Death Act.  The Michigan Wrongful Death Act basically states that if somebody wrongful causes the death of another, they are liable to the family for damages. Fatalities happen on our roads, as a common occurrence. Fatalities happen at the workplace. Fatalities can happen on a construction site. Fatalities can happen in a hospital or nursing home.  Fatalities can happen anywhere.

If somebody wrongfully causes the death of another then they are liable to the family for damages. And what kind of damages does the Michigan Wrongful Death Act allow for? It basically allows for 4 types damages.

  1. funeral and burial expenses.
  2. financial support if for example the decedent was survived by a wife or kids they can receive all that financial support back that they would have received in their life time.
  3. conscious pain and suffering that the decedent may have sustained prior to the accident or prior to the death.
  4. loss of consortium. That’s a legal term and what that really means is the surviving family members, is the loss of their advice, their love, their counseling or their friendship with the decedent.

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